Election Day Nov. 5, 2013 - Photo by William Mills

Election Day Nov. 5, 2013 – Photo by William Mills

Welcome… to my campaign for Rockville City Council, and thank you so much for visiting my webpage.

First, please allow me to introduce myself. I am Claire Marcuccio Whitaker, a long-time resident of the City of Rockville. I love Rockville, the City’s amenities and services, and most of all, the community and my neighbors.

I was brought up in the City of Rockville and my father was an Italian immigrant who operated a small business in Rockville as a stone mason for over 37 wonderful years.

I attended Rockville public schools: Maryvale Elementary, Lone Oak Elementary, Rockville Junior High, and Richard Montgomery High, and went on to graduate from the University of Maryland and George Washington University Law School.

I have been litigating civil cases for almost three decades. I want to continue public service by serving on the Rockville City Council now that my dear sister, Phyllis Marcuccio, has decided to leave elected office.

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Campaign to Elect Claire Marcuccio Whitaker, By Authority of Michael Sweet, Treasurer
PO Box 10653 Rockville, MD 20849 claire4citycouncil@gmail.com, claire4citycouncil.com, 240-506-0502

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